Standard and Custom Braided Fabrics

We are a manufacturer of Braided Composites, Preforms and Fabrics primarily for the Aerospace Industry. We offer these fabrics for your projects and evaluation of designs. If you have a non standard requirement please contact us and we can manufacture to your specific needs.

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Bias Braids

+/- 45 degree braid 


Standard Weight Braid is maid from a single end yarn typically a... 

About Us

  • Biax Braid

    Biax or Bias Braid is a tubular fabric that is formed by opposing helical tows that are interwoven. It is expandable and contractable. It can be used to as reinforcement in a composite of variabl cross section and or radius. It easily conforms to these variations.

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  • Triax Braid

    Triax or Triaxial Braid is a Bias Braid that contains a third axial that is refered to as the zero axis. The opposing bias axis are woven around the Zero axis and interlocks the braid so it is a stable fabric that keeps it's bias angle constant. It can be used as a reinforcement in the same way you would use a 0/90 woven fabric.

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  • Braided Preforms

    We supply Braided preforms to your specifications or we can design a construction that will meet your needs. This method can be taylored to include the reinforcement that is required for your application which could include fiber orientation or types as needed which reduces over design waste.